Podcasting Q&A

How to choose the right podcast category

September 06, 2021 Buzzsprout
Podcasting Q&A
How to choose the right podcast category
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Will from the Skeptic Metaphysician podcast asks, "How would you go about selecting the best category for your podcast?"

The podcast category you choose for your show helps directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify index your podcast and make it easier to find for the listeners that will love it the most.

But not all podcasts fit neatly into the categories that are available.

So in this episode, we'll share several pointers to help you pick the best podcast category for your show.

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In today's episode, you'll learn how to choose a category for your podcast. Welcome to Podcasting Q&A, where you learn the best tips and strategies to launch, grow and monetize your podcast. This week's question comes from Will.


guys, my question is about categories. So my podcast is called the skeptic metaphysician. And it really tackles things from spiritual metaphysical world. For those who are interested in the topic but aren't quite convinced that this stuff exists. In looking into different categories. I can find religion, I can find education that can find health and all that kind of stuff. But it doesn't. I don't find anything that's exactly specific to my category, which is metaphysics. How would you go about selecting the best category for your podcast? So especially podcasts like that, appreciate your help.


Thanks for your question. Well, now a podcast category is a useful piece of information when you're setting up your podcast. It also helps directories like Apple podcasts, make your show more discoverable to the listeners that will love it the most. The good news is you can choose more than one category for your podcasts. In places like Apple podcasts, you choose one main podcast category, and then some sub categories for your show. However, the main category is most important. Here's some questions that you can consider as you're picking your podcast category. Question number one is what is your show primarily about? Now it sounds like well, you have multiple topics on your show. And that's great. But try to focus on the main topic, or a topic that you really want to focus on for your podcast. Then once you figure that out, you can use it as your main podcast category. And all of the other topics can be your sub categories. For example, if you have a podcast that teaches kids how to start their own dog walking or pet sitting business, there are multiple categories that could fit for example, kids and family, business, or even pets and animals. So in this case, maybe business might be the best category because it primarily talks about starting and launching a business. Question number two is what kind of audience are you trying to attract? Now in my previous example, about a podcast for dog walking or pet sitting, I can use a category kids and family because the intended audience is for kids, so that someone who wants to find a kid friendly podcast can then find it in that category. Question number three is what is your show most similar to now that you've got some topics and some ideas for what your show is going to be about and even some episode ideas that you have? Go ahead and poke around in podcast directories like Apple podcasts, or even Google podcasts to see their shows that are similar, and go ahead and look at what categories they have. And you can use that in yours as well. Here are two bonus tips on how to pick a category for your podcast. Bonus Tip number one is to get as specific as possible. So directories like Apple podcasts have main categories and sub categories. So click around the subcategories to save and get even more specific with where you should put your podcast bonus tip number two, is to try to pick a category that is not as crowded. Now keep in mind you still want your show to be in a category that's related to what your show is about. But the reason you want to put your show in a less crowded category is because there's less competition which makes it easier for your show to be discovered by new listeners who will then listen and start to love your show. Thank you for listening to Podcasting Q&A. Now if you have a question you would like to submit for the show had to speakpipe.com/Buzzsp out and leave a brief audio essage. Podcasting Q&A is availa le both video and audio format If you'd like video, please subscribe to the Buzzsp out YouTube channel. And if you like audio Podcasting Q&A is ava lable on all the places where ou can listen to podcas s. Thanks for listening and as always keep podcasting

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