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Best Remote Podcast Recording Software

September 27, 2021 Buzzsprout
Podcasting Q&A
Best Remote Podcast Recording Software
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There are so many options out there for recording long-distance podcast interviews it can be difficult to know which one will best fit your needs.

That's why in this week's episode of Podcasting Q&A, Gilon breaks down our top 3 remote recording software options and helps you decide which one you should go with.

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In today's episode, we are going to review the best podcast interview software to record remotely and 2021 and beyond. Welcome to Podcasting Q&A, where we learn the best tips and strategies to launch grow and monetize your show. In today's episode, we are discussing podcast interview recording software. With the rise of working from home podcasting also felt that change and adapted many of our podcasts interviews switched from in person to virtual really quick, and there are so many options for software when it comes to recording remotely. So in today's episode, we're going to focus on our top three recommendations for recording your podcasts remotely. So after the year that we had in 2020, most of us are super familiar with zoom. So zoom is our first recommendation. It is super budget friendly, there's a free subscription plan that gives you about 30 to 45 minutes of recording time between two people or more and allows you to record audio as well as video right within the app onto your computer. And if you're super savvy, you can go in and ask it to record separate audio tracks. This is helpful for when you're recording and then editing. Because if someone does something sneezes on their microphone while you're talking, you can go in and just cut that little piece out and you don't even miss a beat super helpful. We know that Skype is also a foreigner when it comes to budget friendly and free recording software. But given us audio and video quality, we really feel that Skype is probably better used for informal conversations between you and like an art. So if you're trying to decide between Skype and zoom, we definitely recommend that you go with zoom all day long. Next up is Riverside. We really like Riverside because it provides high quality audio, as well as video Riverside allows you to record up to eight people at a time which you know, time offers I get Who are you people recording with eight people on microphones that so many for more than you need truly. But you know, it's nice to know that if you want to have a party and make it a podcast, you can do that. And Riverside allows you to do that. It also boasts some really cool features like calling in integration with social media so that you can do your live streams and it'll push it right out to platforms like YouTube and Facebook, it can be a little bit quirky. On the video side, the audio is always really great, but when it works, it's a beautiful thing. So you can get five hours of audio as well as video recording for $19 a month with Riverside and our third option is squad cast. We love squad cast squad cast has consistently great audio and video. They allow you to record up to four people. And they also have some really awesome features like green rooms. They allow you to record your audio in separate tracks as well. And they're regularly updating their software which we love squad cast offers a package of five hours of audio recording for $20 a month. And if you do their audio and video package that's $40 a month. So now that we've talked through our top three recommendations, Which one did you choose? Great question. So if you are just now starting out kind of considering this audio video thing, zoom is probably a better fit for you. As you're exploring it seeing if you're going to commit to putting out the audio as well as the video it's a really low budget kind of low risk way to get into it and try it out. If you are committed to YouTube you've got followers you've got the channel you are getting after and doing this thing you're gonna want to invest in solid audio and video quality. And for that we really do recommend squad cast as they have proven to give us amazing audio and video quality consistently. But if you're not so concerned about the video and you're really more committed to the audio element of your podcast, Riverside or squad cast would be great options to choose from, you can pick either one of those and you wouldn't go wrong at all. Thanks for listening to Podcasting Q&A. If you have a question that you would like us to answer on a future episode of the show, just go to speakpipe. om/Buzzsprout or click the lin in the show notes to leave u a brief audio message. Make su e you're subscribed to the Buz sprout YouTube channel to watc future episodes of Podcast ng Q&A, or subscribe to the pod ast in your favorite podcast listening app. That's it for tod y. Thanks for listening and as lways keep podcasting

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