Podcasting Q&A

Facebook Podcasts: How it Works (and How To Get Listed)

November 22, 2021 Buzzsprout
Podcasting Q&A
Facebook Podcasts: How it Works (and How To Get Listed)
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For the past five months, you've all been asking the same questions (including some of the questions we've been asking ourselves)

What is Facebook podcasts? How does it work? And how do I get listed?

Well, Facebook just made some big changes. So in this episode, we're going to answer those questions and explain how to add your podcast to Facebook.

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For the past five months, you've all been asking the same questions. Some of the questions we've been asking ourselves, what is Facebook podcasts? How does it work? And how do I get listed? Well, Facebook just made some big changes. So in this video, we're going to answer those questions. Alright, so what is Facebook podcasts, Facebook podcasts are part of a larger push into social audio, think discord and clubhouse and all those other listening apps we've been using Facebook is really coming in hard. They're turning Facebook into a legit podcast listening app. They're gonna be doing automatic podcast promotion, they're going to be doing a new sound bite feature, which is kind of like audio grams in the newsfeed. And they're going to be adding podcasts to its own tab on Facebook pages. And with 2.9 1 billion active Facebook users. This is an audience we really can't ignore if we want to keep growing our podcasts. Alright, so how does Facebook podcast actually work? All of your podcast episodes, they're now going to live under a podcast tab on a Facebook page. So you can create a page if you don't already have one for your podcast itself or for you the host and attach your Buzzsprout podcast right there. Then every time you upload a new episode of Buzzsprout of your podcast host it gets published to Facebook podcast automatically in distributed in the newsfeed people can still listen to these podcasts like a normal app with the screen turned off. But the magic happens when they keep it on because people can now like share, clip, and even comment on the podcast itself. Another thing that people can do is actually subscribe to the podcast and get notified every time a new episode comes out. So now that you're sold on Facebook podcast, let's go through exactly how to get your podcast listed. Step one is creating a Facebook page. If you already have a page set up for your podcast, your business or maybe your public personality, you don't need to do this part. But if you do log into your Facebook account, click that plus at the top right, and then click Page now can give your podcast page, a title, description, and a category. Since this is for your podcast, I love picking podcast as its main category. Now that you have your Facebook page, you can submit your podcast using an RSS feed from your podcast host like Buzzsprout log into Buzzsprout and click directories RSS feed and click Copy. Now let's jump over to Facebook, click podcasts and then add podcast. We're going to just paste in the podcast RSS feed that we just copied and click Add. Now we need to confirm that you own the podcast because Facebook doesn't want you just adding cereal or This American Life to your anyone's Facebook page. Hopefully you recognize this email address, you can open it up, and we can verify it quickly. So now that we've authenticated the podcast, we can now publish your podcast. And that's it. You only have to go through this one time after it's been submitted. Facebook will go through at all the old episodes and any new episodes that you publish to Buzzsprout will show up in Facebook podcasts automatically. If you're having any trouble, here's a couple things to keep in mind. One, the rollout is still slow. So Facebook listening is only available in the Facebook app. If you're on iOS or Android and you have the app, you should be good to go. There are some countries though that still don't have access. As of right now. US, Canada, UK, Australia all seem to be able to get in fairly easily. But there's still some reports of countries that cannot and we're going to link to our blog post in the description where we will update as other countries are verified to have Facebook podcasts.


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