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Top 3 Transcription Services for Podcasters

November 29, 2021 Buzzsprout
Podcasting Q&A
Top 3 Transcription Services for Podcasters
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Transcripts are a word for word manuscript of your podcast, so creating transcripts from episodes of your podcast is a great idea if you're looking to increase your show's discoverability.

So in today's episode, you'll learn about three of the best transcripts and services available to you.

Transcription Services we recommend:

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In today's episode, you'll learn about the best transcription services available to you for transcribing your podcast episodes. Welcome to Podcasting Q&A, where you learn the best tips and strategies to launch, grow and monetize your show. This week's question comes from Nancy.


Good morning. I have a question for you. We want to start creating transcripts of the podcasts and are wondering what's the best software to use? Thanks.


Thanks for the question. Nancy podcast. Transcripts are a word for word manuscript of your podcast. So creating transcript from episodes of your podcast is a great idea if you're looking to increase your shows discoverability especially if you're a podcaster, who leverages blog posts to accompany your podcast episodes and transcripts aren't just great for search engine optimization reasons, but they can serve practical use for listeners by offering them the ability to quickly scan the content of your podcast and find the content or topic that's most relevant for them. So in today's episode, you'll learn about three of the best transcripts and services available to you. The first transcription service we recommend is otter.ai. Otter hills. podcasters amplify their message by offering effortless transcription services. It works by allowing you to import existing recordings in a variety of formats like mp3 and WAV audio to then use the software to convert the audio to text and before you know it, you can embed that transcript on your episode page otter offers a variety of pricing plans for individuals that range from a free basic plan to a Pro Plan that will run you 833 a month. If you host your podcast with Buzzsprout. You can save a few bucks by going to the resources section of your Buzzsprout dashboard and check it out or coupon. Our second recommendation is rev.com Rev cost a bit more than other transcription services, but it's because your audio is transcribed by a real human being which makes your transcriptions more accurate rev works very similar to otter.ai you upload files from a computer or simply paste a URL from the web and rev professionals get to work transcribing your file audio transcription for podcast will run you $1.25 per minute with an average 12 hour turnaround time and guaranteed 99% accuracy on your transcript. Our third recommended transcription service is happy scribe happy Scribe is another all in one Transcription and Subtitles platform that leverages state of the art AI of actual language professionals happy scribe supports over 60 languages not just English. And where it's very similar to the two services mentioned in this video happy scribe has two different types of transcription service packages. The first one is software based and will cost you 20 cents per minute promising an 85% accuracy rate. The other option is for 100% human made transcription that will cost you slightly more at just under $2 per minute but a much higher accuracy rate and longer turnaround time of 24 hours. Both packages include speakers and timestamps. If you don't have the budget for automated services, like the ones I just shared, there is a DIY way I recommend using Google Docs and the built in voice type feature which can be found under Tools in the top banner or by pressing Ctrl Shift S This will allow you to write your transcription by voice you can explore the document as a file and use that as the transcription for your episode. But keep in mind this will require some time and effort to get the words right transcribing your podcast might sound like another step to add to your process. But it's important to think about the ways people typically find your podcast more than likely is via word of mouth, social media and online advertising and other podcast directories which are all great ways to build your listenership. But transcribing your podcast takes the potential of your podcast showing up in search engines like Google to the next level transcription transforms every word you speak in your podcast into digestible and identifiable pieces of information that can easily be catalogued and found by search engines and potential listeners think about all the times you've been scrolling social media and how many videos you've watched without the sound on but you read the captions. Those same captions are generated by some form of transcription service, they get eyeballs and attention on your content. And that's exactly what these transcription services we talked about today can do for you and your podcast.


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